Customer centric is a way of doing business with your customer in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.

Call Completions Solution

Call completion solution facilitate subsequent call completion where one party (A) could not reach party (B) for whatever reason. Call Completion suite includes alert service Voice SMS, no balance alerts etc.


Interactive OBD (Out bound Dialler) allows users to reply OBD by pressing DTMF inputs during the call.


Push recorded audio prompts to selected MSISDNs with easy to use GUI interface to create, schedule and manage campaigns, set targets, preferences and get response and report.


CRBT enables users to set ring tone for callers to hear before the call is answered. It replaces the monotone sound heard by those trying to call with a popular ringtone, audio clip.


RRBT lets mobile and fixed line users play their favourite tune, sound, jingle, news or phrase when calling others. With the ability to choose the ringtone, caller will hear his/ her set ringtone.

Voice Portal

An interactive IVR platform for all the voice based applications. Users can access the voice applications by pressing respective DTMF keys and experience the whole new world of excitements.

Missed Call Alerts

It is a call completion suite, composed of applications to help domestic and roaming subscribers get information of missed calls.

Voice Chat

Voice chat platform allows users to talk to anonymous callers without revealing their identity(msisdn).

Our Call

OurCall is an USSD based group call management system which orchestrates the group calls in a single platform.

Buddy Finder

Buddy finder enables a subscriber to connect with friends, family & others on the buddy list and learn about nearby locations. Locations are informed by a text message.

Anonymous SMS Chat

It is an anonymous chat service where smart chat subscribers are able to chat about everything unconstrained, in total privacy and discreetly.

Mobile Credit Solution

Mobile Call Credit solution allows subscriber to have Loan balance on their mobile account when user is out of balance. Subscriber has to communicate with service provider through IVR platform requesting for loan balance amount.