Tesync entertainment services with localized content creates the most excitement among the customers and are attractive to new and potential customers.

IVR Contests

User can now have all sorts of contest on their mobile through IVR by just dialling to the voice short code. Easy to play contest where they can win exciting gifts and prizes.

Role Playing Game

An IVR (voice) based gaming application which allows user to listen to story and user has to continue playing using the options provided to them using DTMF keys.

Reverse BID

Reverse bid is a unique bid auction in which user has to bid quoting the lowest and unique price for a bid and becoming the winner.

WAP Portal

An interactive mobile internet based platform enabling browsing of variety of content such as ringtones, video clips, wallpapers, animation themes, jokes, games etc.

Video Portal

IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video Response), brings new value to the mobile experience by combining the familiar voice-based IVR self-service environment with video.